I think that’s the best word to describe me.


I offer _

_ workshops in construction techniques with clay in our collective: kollektiv.LEHM.erleben

_ language training: German for foreigners and Hindi for beginners


I am _

_  travelling a lot to get to know to other cultures and their way of live.

_  trying to learn as many languages – right now I know six of them – as possible so I can talk to people in as many places all over the world as possible.

_  focusing on intense engagement with materials and on working with my own hands.


More  about me and my work_

_ The architecture I design is responsive to its inhabitants and with its surroundings. May it be in Europe, in Africa or in India – places where I have already worked.

_ The photographs I take convey a certain flair of a landscape or catch the character of a person in a portrait.

Combining aspects of communication, architecture, graphics, photography and handicraft – that’s what I am doing.

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