design-build projects

Studien zur Nachhaltigkeit universitärer Entwicklungsprojekte

masterthesis in architecture

2017 © Iris Nöbauer MArch

By combining concept and implementation, design-build projects effectively connect theoretical knowledge and practical application. Concrete action allows for the development of new approaches to learning and gaining experience. Over the past 20 years, an increasing number of projects of this kind are being developed and implemented at Universities. The individual projects often have a strong relationship to development aid and focus on the use of local building materials.

As part of this thesis, studies on the sustainability of such projects in terms of their long-term viability were conducted. In addition to an analysis of existing design-build studios, a series of interviews offer a more in-depth view of the projects and their contexts. This is supplemented by the personal experiences and knowledge gained through participating in and managing various projects in Africa, Asia and South America.

The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part, the analysis, provides a deeper view into the projects in the context of their sustainability. It introduces the basic parameters and the various actors involved in the projects.
A ten-phase model illustrates the general project procedure. Furthermore, selected projects are explained on the basis of the model, and the nal results summarized. The second part serves as a “manual”. The content illustrated is application- oriented and offers a guideline for future projects.

The thesis is both a documentation and a catalyst for further initiatives. It offers insight into existing projects and thereby serves as a basis for learning and inspiration for future projects. It is an invitation to examine the opportunities and impacts associated with design-build projects and to develop new approaches based on the experiences and know-how gained.

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