bachelor project in 2012

(co-planning with Felix Ganzer, Sebastian Vilanek & Jomo Zeil)

The masterplan was developed after an intensive analysis. With the building survey, done in February 2012, it was easy to work and a development plan for the next 10 years could be drafted. Since the education for the children is high priority in the village, living quarters for teachers from other countries shall be build at first in autumn. Afterwards the building yard is to be implemented to offer the foundation for new projects, which are: the enlargement of a living quarter as well as the relocation of the dairy and the weaving department. In a last step the school is gathered in the old weaving mill and creates a new center for education in combination with the two surrounding hostels.

The village of Sunderpur © planning team


For the weaving department it was important to work with the built volums and the existing trees. By placing two blocks a yard is created, this yard is composed of a bamboo wall in the north, the new buildings in the west and south as well as the existing edifices in the east. Different working areas are now provided. The southern building opens itself to the square, which marks the entrance to the village, and offers a sales department and a teastore for customers.

Foto © Katharina Doblinger


In varying the material a difference between new and old is made. The original is to revive. The loam offers better climatic circumstances and with the bamboo it is possible to overstretch huge ranges. The roof captures the yard and generates roofed outside surfaces, which offer further working areas or when expanding new rooms.

Foto © Katharina Doblinger