earth workshops

workshop on earth construction techniques I offer in our collective:

working with clay has been a big part of my life for a few years now. Already when I was a child I enjoyed doing bowls and small things with clay. When I grew older I did smaller objects out of clay. And when I started university during my first year I had the chance to go to South Africa to attend a practical training in building techniques. After this I knew what kind of architecture I want to design: including and sustainable projects. Then in 2012 I got the chance to go to India because of a colleague who was asked to do a research in a village. I happily joined him and I worked on the project until it was completed 2015. To gain more experience in building techniques I went to France in the summer of 2013 to educate myself in rammed earth techniques because we wanted to use this technique in India and I met Sebastian, who is really eager also to build with clay in Austria. So we stayed in touch and one day we just decided to do a rammed earth bench at the main square of Linz (see the video on youtube).

And we decided to continue … and still are!

My experiences in working with clay at a glance:

  • 2016_ international summer school by BASEhabitat
  • 2015_ internship at Didi Contractor @ India
  • 2014_ international summer school by BASEhabitat
  • 2013 – now_ kollektiv.LEHM.erleben (several workshops with earth building techniques)
  • 2013_ practical training in France with Markus Nolte in rammed earth techniques
  • 2012 – 2015_ building teachers accommodations @ Bihar, India
  • 2012_ earth workshop with Martin Rauch
  • 2010_ building a school @ Magagula Heights, South Africa
  • 2009_ earth workshop with Elias Rubin